about me

First things first: I’m a Taurus-Gemini cusp, with a Gemini moon and Leo rising. You know, in case you were wondering.

My name is Alex Piscatelli, and I’m a writer, podcaster and excessive tweeter located in San Diego, CA. I’m passionate about social and political engagement, Ariana Grande’s song Honeymoon Avenue, and setting up my friends on dates in hopes that they’ll find love and eventually have me officiate their wedding.

~a pic of me and my good side + some things I’m working on~

IMG_6902I have a news and pop culture show called What a Week, made by zillennials, for zillennials. (Aka the cusp between millennial and gen z. I’m confused, too!!!) Go follow @whataweekshow on Instagram, and find us (we’re anywhere you listen to podcasts and on YouTube) here.

My pride and joy: I have a podcast all about normalizing conversations surrounding dating, sex and relationships, called Dating or at least trying. Find her anywhere you listen to podcasts, or here.

She has a newsletter! I started it because I always have something to SAY but nowhere to say it. Subscribe if you want to at ihavesomethingtosay.substack.com.

Tbt to that time I went viral on Twitter, then I decided to host a young professionals panel. Sign up for the next one here.

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