screen-shot-2019-01-07-at-10.42.11-pm.pngHello everyone, and welcome TO another episode of Dating or at least trying.

My name is Alex Piscatelli, and I am a San Diego resident working in marketing. I’m passionate about podcasts, setting my friends up on dates in hopes that they’ll find love and eventually have me officiate their wedding, and Ariana Grande’s song Honeymoon Avenue.

My pride and joy is my podcast called Dating or at least trying. On it, I discuss all things dating with anyone and everyone who will speak to me. I’ve had episodes about polyamory, sex, relationships, and I even interviewed someone who ghosted me. Through my podcast, my goal is to normalize conversations surrounding dating, sex and intimate relationships. You can subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or by searching “dating or at least trying” anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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